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ponedeljak, 28 novembar 2016 20:02

Awaiting Christmas & New Year 2017

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In the central European area, it is very common to set an Advent or Christmas market. In our Grandparents time, it was traditional to give children gifts on December 6, St. Nicolas’s Day.

Namely, there is the legend that says St Nicolas as a rich man was a very generous man. One night he heard crying father who could not marry his three daughters because he was to poor. Nicolaus as a warm-hearted man felt very sorry for them so during the night he threw through their Chimney three balls of gold.

Protestants turned away from the Catholic veneration of saints and saint’s days; they told their children that "Holy Christ" had brought their presents. This is the reason why in most of European cities Christmas markets are called »Christkindlmarkt«.

Since we were a part of a communism there were no figures from the Bible, but we made up a »Father Frost« who laid us gifts under the »New year's tree«.

And today? Now we call 4 weeks before Christmas an Advent and in this period we have a chance to do shopping in the name »of three good men.«

Our Local artist Zmago Modic sets the main theme of the decoration. The title is: » Intermediate time of humanity«. The author asks himself about the intermediate time on a line of eternity. There are more than 10 km of lights all around the city and the city sparkles with its magic.

At the end of November, the diverse decorated market stalls are offering colorful products. Join us on our Ljubljana Food Tour. There is enough chance to taste our local food, mulled wine and of course, honeybreadbisquites with tempting scents!   If you prefer just walking join us on our Guided City Tour and together we will discover secret corners and we will share with you little tipps for exhibitions, events and music programs that will spread the holiday spirit and charming atmosphere. Definitely, you should not miss The Good Fairy next to the Town Hall who is waiting for your wishes! The festivities culminate with the New Year's Eve celebrations held in Ljubljana's centrally located public squares .

There are 1001 reasons why to visit us at Christmas time: some of you might just want to relax and to be a part of this fairy tale, however we suggest treating yourself with one of the activities:

-the private city tours at this time of the year are specially charming, we can stroll along the stalls and reveal some interesting stories hidden behind the scene

- You can pop with us to the castle to see the fantasy from above

- You might prefer a boat tour on Ljubljanica river with a glass of mulled wine or tea –

You do not want to spend too much time out in the cold? Do not worry; our Ljubljana Food Tour is just a perfect blend of outdoor activities and a special treat in our local restaurants.

You might even like to get few hours out of the city, to Bled or some little towns nearby or even a full day the choice is yours and the service will be ours!

We are sure these are memories that will last a lifetime!

Do not hesitate, contact us and we are going to make your end of the year even more joyful!

+386 31 331 491


The magic of Ljubljana ( Christmas time in Ljubljana, Slovenia )

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