Ljubljana was such a revelation to me. I didn't even know where it was before I did my 1st online tour there. I think I've now done 4 tours of Ljubljana. Mateja is lovely and so informative.
Julie januar 07, 2022
We're fortunate to have enjoyed your expertise while on tour in beautiful Slovenia.
Pat december 30, 2021
Naši stanovalci so vaše spletno vodenje naravnost pohvalili. Najlepša hvala za vaš čas in zelo jasno razlago!
Marta december 27, 2021
Še enkrat hvala za krasno vodstvo. Ogromno novega sem izvedela, prava obogatitev mojega poznavanja Ljubljane. Tudi drugi so bili navdušeni.
Katja december 20, 2021
Outstanding!!! Thank you so much Mateja!
Sue december 09, 2021
Pozdravljeni, Moram vam posredovati povratne informacije glede današnjega ogleda Ljubljane preko zooma. Naši stanovalci so bili zelooo navdušeni in si želijo še kakšen ogled mesta. Čestitke za tako izvedbo preko zooma. Lepo bodite.
Špelca december 09, 2021
Oh my, what a lovely host, polite, reactive to questions, smiling all over. She truly cares to shows us the beautiful things and explains in details. I truly enjoyed each minute of this tour, AND she went on even if it was raining. A real trooper. I highly recommend her! Thank you!
Chantelle december 06, 2021
Mateja was an amazing guide. She showed us all the sights and helped us better understand the history and culture of Slovenia and Ljubljana. We'll definitely look Mateja up when we travel to Ljubljana in person!
Ryan november 26, 2021
Ogled je bil super, ravno tako kot smo si zaželeli. Vsi zelo zadovoljni. Ljubljana je res čudovita. Se kmalu spet vidimo!
Angelika november 18, 2021
Hvala, ker ste nas tako lepo sprejeli in popeljali po Ljubljani!
Ivanka oktober 19, 2021
Ganz herzlichen Dank für die Organisation meiner Recherchetour in Ljubljana. Mateja war genau die richtige Person, die ich brauchte! Wir haben 1,5 Tage lang intensivst recherchiert und ich habe, obwohl ich mich bis jetzt als Kennerin dieser Stadt glaubte, so viel Neues dazu erfahren.
Regina oktober 14, 2021
Preživeli smo izredno lepo dopoldne … z vodenjem in ladjico popolnoma zadovoljni. Še enkrat H V A L A.
Špela oktober 13, 2021
Danke fuer den wunderbaren Tag gestern! Das Feedback der Mitreisenden war wieder ausgezeichnet! Danke und bis bald
Christine oktober 11, 2021
BIlo nam je fantastično. Obožavaju Ljubljanu i Sloveniju. Veliki pozdrav!
Livio september 29, 2021
Hvala za čudovito doživetje in odkrivanje novih kotičkov Ljubljane. Izlet je bil izredno zanimiv in polen novih odkritij. Ljubljana je za vse zasijala v novi luči. Hvala in se še vidimo.
Brigita september 26, 2021
Last night I went on the online- virtual tour by Mateja and was impressed by her clear interpretation on the august buildings, interesting history and mersmerising architecture. This part of the town is well planned with good spaces in the form of squares. Well done and I look forward to your other online guided walks soon.
Jane september 03, 2021
Še enkrat najlepša hvala za res čudovit sprehod po ljubljanskih ulicah ?.
Simona september 02, 2021
Na literarnem sprehodu z Matejo se izve, kako gostilničarka ni debela, ampak krofasta, kako se Zalika v izogib prepoznavnosti prepesni v Uršiko, da je "nima fantič kapice, kapica ima fantiča" spesnil....nooo, kdo že?...; in še polno tako zgodovinsko in literarno slastnega!
Mojca avgust 30, 2021
Danke dir für die wahrlich aufschlussreichen Stunden! Liebe Gruss
Regina avgust 30, 2021
Hvala za zelo simpatično vodenje. Se z veseljem udeležim še kakšnega!
Veronika avgust 29, 2021
My wife and I enjoyed a full day in Slovenia. We experienced a few missteps during the day but adjustments were made. Demian made the extra effort to have the parish priest of the Church of Saint Michael on the Marsh open and describe the interior features. Extraordinary! Your recommendation of Demian Sem was a fine one. I would not hesitate in recommending him or using him again on a future visit. We had a wonderful and memorable day in Slovenia. Regards
Paul avgust 05, 2021
Hi Mateja – your tour was WONDERFUL. You are amazing in every way! Thank you so much, and we’ve received GREAT feedback on you and your tour…everyone is ready to join you in Slovenia! I’m looking forward to our next online tour together!
Cecilia julij 28, 2021
Thanks again for today's tour. It was great!
Siamak julij 24, 2021
Dear Mateja, Thank you, again, for the wonderful tour of the castle and for taking us to the skin cream workshop. We enjoyed it thoroughly, and we were so pleased to have you as our guide. You were must thoughtful to obtain the linden tea. Thank you very much. We love it
Carol julij 22, 2021
Thank you for your virtual tour, it was excellent. With friends we spoke about your delivery and agreed that you are a leading example of top-rated guide.
Jane julij 01, 2021

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