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sreda, 31 marec 2021 14:26

(Virtual) Field Trips

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Staying safe and healthy are the most important components in our lives. We are social beings and we need to be in contact with others, no matter how difficult the situation is. We always strive to talk to someone, we like to see charming smile in fellow's eyes, we like to chat, what is new. In person, contact is priceless.

However, often we face different challenges and in person, contacts are not always possible and desirable. Many of our activities, thank to innovative technology, we can do online: also schooling, studying and travelling.

We have an opportunity to present the heritage of our culture (even though we are far away on the other side of the globe) live, in person & interactive! Would you like to know more about our turbulent history? Rich architecture? Unique local heritage? Our local habits?

Here is our suggestion:

Let us connect virtually, online. Travel to our part of the world without packing, jetlag, and concerns about health issues on the way. We have prepared quite a few topic you might be interested in. Have a look and contact us. We are sure, your students will appreciate your effort and together we are going to have fun time!

+386 31 331 491

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