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and Live Virtual Guided Tours on Horizon

The times and our habits have changed enormously in the last few months. The virus is among us and we need to take care of our and the health of people around us more than ever before. Travel has stopped almost all around the globe and we need to think about new opportunities.

We are all sure this impactful situation will not last forever. Now we are staying more at home, surrounded with thoughts and dreams what shall we do in the years to come?

We tourist guides had to adapt to a new situation as well. We would still like to share our devotion, our knowledge and impressions with you and your dear ones.

Here is our suggestion: no matter how far away you are, we can meet virtually: modern technology gives us an opportunity to be closer as we think we are.

Most probably, you read our blogs/news, watch our YouTube channels, or maybe even listen to our stories on one of the Podcasts. However, here is another, more personal idea:
Let us connect on one of the Live Virtual Guided Tours. How does it work?

You are staying at your home, on a couch in your living room or outside in the nice shade. The most important is that you have an excellent internet connection. Well, a glass of nice wine or a cup of coffee might be also a good idea. You are ready to start to explore with us.

And we? We are on site or if not possible, in our lecture room presenting you local stories and unique treasures you interested in. Virtual Guided Tours usually include much more than we can offer to you in person. We will make sure you will be impressed!

There are many topics.

Why should you book an on line experience as Live Guided Virtual Tours is?

  1. You can travel when times are not the best for in person experiences

  2. You can travel with your dear ones, who are not able to travel anymore

  3. You can travel with your dear ones, who still need to go to school, but would like to see something new far away

  4. You can make a bucket list for your next travel and see, what you should

  5. A Live Virtual Guided Tour is a perfect gift for Christmas, Birthday or any other celebration.

An on line experience gives us a chance to get to know each other better. Later, when we meet in person, when times better, we will feel as meeting old good friends. Come and join us!

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Unseren Freunden hat die Stadtführung sehr gut gefallen! Sie sind auch begeistert von Ljubljana...
Super ste zadevo speljali. Mislim, da sta bila GD UNIDO dr. Gerd Mueller in njegova soproga zelo...
Thank you Matia for the guidance, it was perfect!
Spoštovana Mateja, vodenje po Ljubljani je bilo res pravo doživetje, z razlago koncepta pa...
What a wonderful surprise this Gallery has been, so full of unknown artists and sculptors to us...

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