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Petak, 24 Srpanj 2015 17:49

Idrijske čipke

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We are very proud to announce, that Ljubljana in the year, when it is going to be a Green Capital of Europe, it is going to host a 17th World Lace Congress and General Assembly. It is going to be organized in the last ten days June 2016: Workshops are going to take place from June 20 until June 23 and Congress itself between June 24 and June 26, 2016! Whether you are directly involved in lace or lacemaking or just a lover of lace, we think this is a great possibility to get an unforgettable experience. More: OIDFA 2016 Ljubljana (link na )

Women all around the world despite hard work and luck of time managed to fulfilled their wish for creativity. Something like that happened in Idrija, inscribed in the world heritage list as a Mercury mine place. Men had to earn their money deep down in the darkness of the mercury rich land. Their wives had to take care of their families. There was not much spare time; the days were just too short for all the work that had to be done. However, in winter, when there was a lot of snow and the land was taking a rest, there was some time for women souls as well. Wives who accompanied husband engineers from the central part of Europe presented a skill for lace making to the locals. Lacemaking was passed down from generation to generation as a hobby for many years. In 1867 a formal lacemaking school was established, where a special, 7 pairs bobbin technique was presented. Because of the high quality products and beautiful designs, Idrija handicraft became well known all around the globe. Today we are very proud that Idrija lace products are made again and that there is going to be organized a World Congress.

Idrija lace is one of the main souvenirs that you should bring back home from our Slovenia.

cipke obleka crna

cipke obleka modra

Although Idrija is on UNESCO World Heritage List it is still off the beaten path and we are sure you are going to be surprised, what a beautiful gem is hidden behind hills and narrow windy roads! In 2011, Idrija became the European Destination of Excellence and won a title of Alpine Town of the Year 2011! More: Idrija

If you would like to know more about the town Idrija, its Museum of Mercury mine or you would like to experience the tradition / if you would like to get the knowledge how to make a unique Idrija lace, you can join us on our half day private tour to Idrija.

If you do not have enough time to visit Idrija, you can join us on one of our Ljubljana Guided Walking tours, where The Idrija Lace Shop and its marvelous handicraft will be presented to you. If you would like to hear some more stories from behind, you can join us our Ljubljana Food Tour, where we are tasting a typical Slovenian dish which comes from Idrija as well!

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