Our Live Virtual Guided Tours:

  1. The best of Ljubljanaa live virtual tour from the city: get acquainted with the major city sites like: Prešeren's Square, Three Bridges, Plečnik Market, Dragon Bridge, Butcher's Bridge, Cathedral, City Hall, Congress Square with University Palace
  2. Treasures of National Museum of Slovenia: a live virtual from the Museum or Virtual Class (if Museum closed). Did you know that the oldest music instrument, 60 000 years old flute was found in Slovenia? Did you now, that the oldest wooden wheel was found in the Marshland, few steps from Slovenian Capital Ljubljana? Did you know, that Ljubljana in Roman time was called Emona? And much more…
  3. St Nicholas Cathedral in Ljubljana Virtual class: Where Northern and Southern baroque architecture meet: when you see the cathedral from far away, you would think you are in Salzburg. Once you enter, you notice a strong influence of Italian artist schools. Would you like to join us at this art walk?
  4. Jože Plečnik Architecture in Ljubljana: Ljubljana is cute melting pot point of three main cultures: Slavic, Germanic and Latin. However, between two world wars in Ljubljana was very active architect Jože Plečnik, who managed to add a special touch to our capital. Would you like to get familiar with his unique works?
  5. Emona- Ljubljana in Roman times: Ljubljana's history is very rich. The first best-recorded time was Roman time: from some years BC to 452 when Attila and the Huns destroyed Emona.
  6. Fairytales of Ljubljana: Once upon a long ago, people could not read and write. Storytelling was very important. During this tour, you will hear why the Dragon is so popular in Ljubljana, why St Nicholas brings presents to children and how is he connected to merry Santa, how Bakers were punished if they cheated, and many more…
  7. Jewish Heritage Tour: Ljubljana is a small city with very diverse history. Jewish community contributed enormously. There are many sites and stories connected with them. Some positive and enchanting, the others sad and would like to be forgotten soon. Would you like to know, why Jews had to leave our area at the beginning of 16.century? Or: what happened to them during the WWII? Would you like to know where the famous Stolpersteiner in Ljubljana are? Join me, we are going to reveal many unbelievable destinies.
  8. St Michael Church in Ljubljana Marsh Plečnik's masterpiece: Architect Jože Plečnik was very innovative, creative, he adored challenges. To build a church in the Marshland was one of his biggest challenges and at the end became the pearl of all his works.
  9. Ljubljana in Baroque Time
  10. Communist – socialist time in Ljubljana

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Unseren Freunden hat die Stadtführung sehr gut gefallen! Sie sind auch begeistert von Ljubljana...
Super ste zadevo speljali. Mislim, da sta bila GD UNIDO dr. Gerd Mueller in njegova soproga zelo...
Thank you Matia for the guidance, it was perfect!
Spoštovana Mateja, vodenje po Ljubljani je bilo res pravo doživetje, z razlago koncepta pa...
What a wonderful surprise this Gallery has been, so full of unknown artists and sculptors to us...

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