Ljubljansko barje

ljubljansko barje

Ljubljansko Barje is a boggy area at the doorstep of the Slovenian capital. Since 2011 it has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List for its prehistoric pile-dwellings. Today, Barje is renowned for its exceptionally rich flora and fauna. In order to avoid disturbing all of the small and big inhabitants of Barje with noise and exhausts, we take a horse carriage to the bird observation towers. On our way there or back we can have a look at an exceptional masterpiece of the architect Jože Plečnik - the church of St. Michael in Črna vas.

Kamnik and Budnar haus

kamnik budnarjev dom

We will visit a 350-year old Budnar home, today a museum and a time machine will take us back to the times of our grandparents. After the descent, we will stop in one of the most beautiful Slovenian medieval cities - Kamnik-to find out why women named Veronika are not welcomed there.

Polhov gradec

polhov gradec

Vabimo vas, da se nam pridružite v Polhovem Gradcu, ki slovi po lepi graščini. Lastnik grof Rihard Blagaj je bil zapriseženi botanik, po katerem so poimenovali celo rožo Blagajanko oz. DThe village of Polhov Gradec is famous for its beautiful mansion. Its owner, Count Rihard Blagaj, was a devoted botanist; so much that a flour Daphne Blagayana, was named after him. While we enjoy a home-made tea, Count Blagaj will reveal why even the great Saxon king, Friderik August II, thought the small village of Polhov Gradec was worth visiting. We will also visit the Museum of Post and Telecommunications set up in the mansion, and walk through a beautifully kept mansion park.

Tea with Count Blagaj - Every Friday at 3.30 pm!



The Cistercian monastery, Stična, is located in the village of Stična (Sitticum) and is one of Slovenia's most important historical monuments. It was one of the major cultural and economic centres of Slovenian inhabited areas of the time. The monastery continues to be home to monks and now also houses the Slovenian Museum of Religion.

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