Sawasdee kha Mateja, It's was so lovely to see your town through your interpretation, even though it was about 22h00 (TH) and have waited also to join your boat trip later. It was so great what you have done as it could really tested the joy of the trip and evaluated from the real audiences. For me, I can reflect the result that you have done it beautifully with 2 thumbs up...?? Your interpretation was nice and informative with 2 ways interaction by posting sometimes a question. Big hugs with love,
Sonya Juni 27, 2021
I had a delightful tour on Friday. My tour director Mateja was lovely and I enjoyed her online presentation. It was a very interesting virtual tour through her village and I saw many beautiful and very healthy gardens and flowers, a beautiful church and some historic places. Her English was very good. Thank you for setting this up for me.
Nancy Juni 22, 2021
Zahvaljujem se vam za vaše odlično vodenje in prijetno druženje. Mogoče se pa še kdaj s kakšno druščino srečamo.
Renata Juni 01, 2021
Fantastic tour! You are amazing! Perfection! Thank you for this online tour.
Susan Mai 26, 2021
The tour was amazing and we were so grateful to all be "together" on "this trip" as a family. Our mom and everyone else loved it. We hope to meet and tour with you in person/ live one day.
Cathy Mai 12, 2021
Dear Mateja, That was absolutely wonderful.I really think it is one of the best virtual tours we have done this past year, bravo!
Shan April 29, 2021
Hi Mateja, Thanks for the lovely tour. We really enjoyed it! Our students are looking forward to our next virtual tour in Slovenia.
Paula März 31, 2021
Fantastic virtual tour. Ljubljana is definitely on my radar now!
Ann Februar 26, 2021
Dear Mateja, We loved seeing Ljubljana again. And having you as our guide. You sure had a lot of people in your virtual group today. I imagine that many of them will want to come to Ljubljana when it is safe to travel. Congratulations on a job well done. Love,
Joyce Februar 16, 2021
Thanks for our virtual tour! It was lovely to revisit the city in your expert company today. The audio and camerawork quality was excellent and your commentary was absolutely clear, informative and entertaining.
Sian Februar 07, 2021
Wonderful virtual tour of Ljubljana. Mateja clearly loves her city and was very knowledgeable and informative. Have booked more tours with her now as would love to see and learn more about this little gem of a city
Kirstin Januar 29, 2021
Virtual Tour in Ljubljana: Excellent camera work, selection of places and commentary. Can't wait to see Ljubljana in person! The tour showed me how much there is to see.
Lisa Januar 24, 2021
Mateja, so many thanks for this kind introduction! I have terrific memories of our time together exploring Slovenia's rich culture.
Meg Dezember 29, 2020
I still think of you and my wonderful trip with you. It was especially educational about an area of the world that I knew only through mass media. Of course, I understood very little before coming, but my comprehension increased after my adventure with you. I hope that you are well and doing ok from a business point of view with our raging pandemic.
Joan Dezember 18, 2020
Thank you very much for the photos and information, and for the enjoyable virtual tour on Sunday.
Astrid November 11, 2020
Sem se udeležila Ljubljane v času baroka ? in bila navdušena! Hvala za res zanimivo predstavitev.
Maja November 10, 2020
We really enjoyed the VIrtual tours you did this last week. So wonderful to see you, and Ljubljana. The museum tour was fantastic too.
Sandra November 02, 2020
Dear Mateja, thank you once again for the virtual tour in the St. Nicolas Cathedral. I really enjoyed your presentation.
Olga Oktober 27, 2020
Pozdravljeni, Mateja! Hvala lepa za prijetne misli, lepe besede. Dan je bil res čudovit, za kar ste zaslužni tudi vi. Še enkrat hvala za krasno vodenje in družbo.
Tadeja Oktober 22, 2020
Hvala za izredno zanimivo in nadvse prijetno vodenje v Narodnem muzeju Slovenije. Izvedela sem veliko novih stvari in iz muzeja izstopila modrejša kot pred začetkom vodenja ?
Asha September 24, 2020
Thanks so much for the wonderful canoe city tour on Wednesday. I really enjoyed it, it was a nice change of pace.
Chris September 20, 2020
Zahvaljujeva za res zanimiv in strokovno izpeljan ogled po mestu. Sva izvedela kar nekaj novosti o našem glavnem mestu. Moram priznati, da že kar delam reklamo za sama vodenja. Vsekakor bova še naprej spremljala nove dogodke na FB, ter se sigurno udeležila še kakšnega. Se vidimo !
Aleš September 14, 2020
Vodenje po Trnovem me je, preprosto povedano, navdušilo. Koliko majhnih detajlov, ki jih nisem poznala in koliko zanimivih stvari pravzaprav ponuja ta "kraj nesrečnega imena". Poslušala sem tako zavzeto, da sem pozabila slikati. Toplo priporočam vsem, tako izkušenim ljubljanskim mačkom kot novincem pri odkrivanju glavnega mesta. Hvala.
Tjaša August 23, 2020
Super je bilo, hvala za super izkušnjo in kmalu nasvidenje!
Urša August 10, 2020
Hvala vam za super vodenje in veliko novih informacij! Lep konec tedna
Maruša August 07, 2020

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