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International Art Nouveau Day

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Two most charismatic Art Nouveau architects: Antoni Gaudi and Ődön Lechner died on the same day, June 10. The colorful and nature friendly New Art has dramatically changed the look of Europe at the end of 19th and beginning of 20th century.

The leading figure for us, who were at that time a part of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, was Otto Wagner, the professor of architecture in Vienna.

Slovenia is situated in the central south part of Europe, between two mountain ranges: Alps and Dinaric Mountains. Young Alps are spread in France on the west, Italy, Austria, Switzerland and Germany in the central part and Slovenia on the east. Julian Alps in Slovenia are so unique that the great part of them is a National park. In South Eastern part of Slovenia dominate Dinaric Mountains, that touch the capital Ljubljana with the Hills around the city.

Ljubljana's main attractions are situated along the city center: Prešeren's Square, Three bridges, Farmer's and Plečnik Market, Butcher's, Cobbler's and Dragon' bridge, Cathedral, City Hall and Congress Square with University Palace. However, the most charming part is the oldest part: the area around Stari trg and Gornji trg.

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(Virtual) Field Trips

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Staying safe and healthy are the most important components in our lives. We are social beings and we need to be in contact with others, no matter how difficult the situation is. We always strive to talk to someone, we like to see charming smile in fellow's eyes, we like to chat, what is new. In person, contact is priceless.

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Christmas tree Decorations

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Did you know, this year’s Advent and Christmas time, from December 11, 2020, Slovenian tree will decorate the Vatican Square?

Decorating the Christmas tree is not a proper Slovenian tradition, however, since we have majority of Slovenia’s territory covered with woods - also spruce trees - the habit was soon accepted among Slovenians as well.

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