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A royal horse from Slovenia

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Who has not heard about a white elegant horse you fall in love on a first sight? However, did you know that the cradle of this stallion originates in Slovenia?
Most probably, you have heard it comes from Austria. Well, that was Austria some hundred years ago... when also the territory of today’s independent Slovenia was a part of it.

One of the Slovenia’s most visited parts is also its lime- stone or karst terrain that we local call it as a KRAS. The freshness of white lime- stone can be admired when you travel from Venice to Ljubljana or from Ljubljana to the Slovenian coast. However, it is a great possibility for a one of our custom-made private tours. Usually we stop at one of our underground caves: UNESCO listed Škocjan caves or even better visited Postojna caves.

As a tailor made tour, we suggest you to add a visit to a Lipica horse stud: it is just a good hour away from Ljubljana and in the charming karstic world you are going to have a chance to admire our equestrian pride, a horse called after the Slovenian national tree LIPA. Would you like to reveal with us our little secret story? Join us and we are going to reveal to you some more hidden facts known by locals only!

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