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Slovenia is a young country that gained its independence from Yugoslavia in 1991. Yet this area had already been settled in very early times. We like to "brag" that our part of the "Old Continent" is the gate between the Mediterranean and Middle Europe.

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Staša Krapež

"A great city is not to be confounded with a populous one". (Aristotle)

Dear visitors,

I am really excited to welcome you to Ljubljana, a charming city I aspire to show you.

Everyone who has visited or lives in this tiny little capital city knows what makes a small town a great city. It is a hidden gem which is not be missed. It is fascinating especially because it is so unexpected. If you wish to experience the real Ljubljana, I will be more than happy to show you around and share my knowledge and expertise with you. We will take a stroll through Ljubljana and explore the legacy from all periods of its history; from Roman Emona to the Renaissance, Baroque and Art Nouveau periods. You will get to know the Ljubljana of Medieval Times and guilds, of impressive bridges spanning the river Ljubljanica, Ljubljana with its new urban image as shaped by our renowned architect Plečnik after the 1895 earthquake. One would never think that the city with its charming Old Town has so much to offer. You will be mesmerized by all its beauty and charm, by its fascinating array of architecture and monuments.

Doing tours is just one of the jobs I have had so far. I am a teacher of Latin and English, and I also hold a M.A. degree in Education. My special interest lies in the language of food. I am fortunate enough to do what I love for a living and proud to be a lifelong learner. I have had many different interests, from music, dancing, history, art, travelling, cooking … My love for Ljubljana, together with my passion for history and art, has slowly turned into a new profession – I am a licenced Ljubljana tourist guide, always looking forward to sharing my love and interests with other people.

So, let us hit the streets and roads, and make your visit to Ljubljana a memorable one.

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