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Dear visitor

Slovenia is a young country that gained its independence from Yugoslavia in 1991. Yet this area had already been settled in very early times. We like to "brag" that our part of the "Old Continent" is the gate between the Mediterranean and Middle Europe.

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Mateja Kregar Gliha

Dear visitors,

I am a passionate traveller with more than twenty years of working experience in tourism. I worked as a tourist guide already in ex Yugoslavia and today I continue in our independent Slovenia. I am more than glad to present the beauties of our piece of Europe to everyone who is curious and would like to get to know us better.

Ljubljana, together with the surroundings of our capital city, and in fact the entire Slovenia boasts insurmountable diversity. Anyone  can find something of interest:

  • If you are an admirer of history and architecture, I invite you to join me one of the  Ljubljana walking tours-  or you choose your own the "time machine" stroll: exploring the Antic-Roman period, the legacy of the Middle and New age, of the Baroque 18th Century,  Art Nouveau period, discovering all of the places at which the famous architect Jože Plečnik worked, revealing how it looked during the Tito period in Yugoslavia and learning about  today's modern architecture .
  • Together, we can peek into many churches which will reveal their role in the everyday life - past and present
  • Would you like to know about those women of Slovenia and Ljubljana who embraced modern times, broke new ground or were even ahead of some of their contemporaries abroad?
  • For admirers of every-day life, would suggest to join me on a personalized Ljubljana Food Tour. I will give you insights into how we live today, will reveal to you where and how we invigorate our body and soul, give you tips on where the locals stop for a good coffee, great food, where you can enjoy street concerts and other entertainment.
  • Ljubljana is not enough for you? Let's go and visit some the best known Slovenian places like: carstic cavelakes, or some less known like Region Central Slovenia and Škofja Loka.
  • would like to know what our neighbours are doing? Let's go to Italian Trieste or Croatian Zagreb
  • do not like anything suggested? Why don't we set up a half or full day your way!

I will do my best to answer your questions and satisfy your curiosity on our joint exploration of what Ljubljana/Slovenia has to offer you.


On foot, by boat across Ljubljanica, by bike, by car (ours or yours), by bus if you explore our country with a larger group.

What else

  • reservations for tourist points of interest
  • reservations for boat trips, transportation with or without a driver, romantic rides, lunch/dinner on the boat across Ljubljanica
  • reservations for restaurants with diverse culinary offerings according to your wishes and foremost with Slovenian culinary specialities
  • reservations for transportation: bus, vans, rent-a car

Having problems setting up a program? Let me know, write to me, inquire. Together, we can create a unique and unforgettable experience!

 Facebook: Mateja Kregar Gliha

Linkedin: Mateja Kregar Gliha

Blog: Strangers in the Living Room

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