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Vickie and Ron
September 2018
Vickie and I cannot thank you enough for the time and effort you put out to make our Slovenia trip absolutely wonderful. You’re country is beyond beautiful. In fact, Vickie and I have started preliminary planning for the returning next year. Again, thank you for your wonderful help and expertise. You are the best!
Kathy, USA
September 2018
Back at home and telling everyone how much we enjoyed Slovenia. Loved everything we did and saw. You were a wonderful tour guide. Thank you again for making our day so special.
Artur, Poland
September 2018
Thank you for cooperation and guide service.
We received feedback from the participants of the trip and our partner from Belgium.
The group very well appreciated the work of Dutch guide Emma.
We thank you for offering a professional guide.
Melissa, USA
September 2018
Thank you for your excellent leadership on our recent adventure! Sharing your extensive knowledge of your country and surrounding regions, and your thoughtful insights into the people, culture, and history, greatly enriched my experience.
You were well-informed, enthusiastic, and passionate about – well, everything – making it a pleasure to have you as our tour guide! At the same time, you were sensitive to the needs of the guests, which underscored your expertise as a leader!
Again, thank you, Mateja! Yours was one of the best guided tours that I have been on. Your presence made it so!
Manfred, Schweiz
September 2018
Die tourguide hat uns hervorragend geführt!! Sehr interessant, eloquent und freundlich!! würden wir zu 100% weiterempfehlen!!
Josie, USA
September 2018
It was a memorable and enjoyable trip and you deserve a lot of gratitude and praise for making it so.
We especially remember you going out of your way to make it possible to see the Museum
September 2018
Great post!
Respect the author!
And I read the actual news here ...News Technology
Chris and Don, USA
August 2018
You have been trip leader extraordinaire! We have loved your energy, your knowledge and your passion for your job.Thank you for a great trip!
Tanja, Slovenija
August 2018
Delegacija je bila zelo zadovoljna. Najlepša hvala za ves vaš trud in hitro akcijo.
Tim, USA
August 2018
It was a lovely evening. The dinner was wonderful and the company and conversation even better!
Thanks so much for the information for our trip today--we are looking forward to it!
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Vickie and Ron
Vickie and I cannot thank you enough for the time and effort you put out … read more
Kathy, USA
Back at home and telling everyone how much we enjoyed Slovenia. Loved … read more