Central Slovenia Region

  •   Ljubljansko Barje is a boggy area at the doorstep of the Slovenian capital. Since 2011 it has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List for its prehistoric pile-dwellings. Today,
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  •   We will visit a 350-year old Budnar home, today a museum and a time machine will take us back to the times of our grandparents. After the descent, we
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  •   The village of Polhov Gradec is famous for its beautiful mansion. Its owner, Count Rihard Blagaj, was a devoted botanist; so much that a flour Daphne Blagayana, was named
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  •   The Cistercian monastery, Stična, is located in the village of Stična (Sitticum) and is one of Slovenia's most important historical monuments. It was one of the major cultural and
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  • LIPA - the queen of Slovenian trees +

    Great part of Slovenia is covered with woods; in fact, this is the third most forested country in Europe. The Read More
  • Kostanjevica na Krki - Slovenian Venice +

    Slovenia, as mainly continental country, does not have many island. However, those ones that are there, are very attractive. Most Read More
  • Dry Walls - Suhozid +

    DRY WALLS - SUHOZID; a monument to harsh life conditions in the past One third of Slovenia is a lime- stone Read More
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Rain And Snow

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