Slovenia is a very diverse country. In the same day, you can go skiing in the morning, have a delicious lunch along Ljubljanica River in the capital Ljubljana and go for a swim to Slovenian coast. The scene seen through the window of your car will be changing every few minutes.
Locals like to go to the south, to reach the sun. Especially popular is South Western part called Istria. Istria is the biggest peninsula on the Adriatic coast. It stretches from Italy, Trieste suburbs on the most North through Slovenia down to the most Southern Part of it, to Croatia, to its crown Pula, well known for the sixth biggest Roman amphitheater in the world.

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St Gregory day - Slovenian Valentines day

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In March, days are already longer and our artisans in the past could work with daylight only. Today, we celebrate this in a special way: along little streams and torrents in the evening before March 12, we make environmentally friendly little boats or rafts on which we place candles and “let them flow away”.

Winter is gone; the nature is finally waking up. Birds are getting louder and louder, they are getting busy with their nests for a new family. We can “feel love is in the air” all around the country. Our grandparents use to say, at this time of the year birds are “getting married” and this was our Valentines Day.

Slovenia is a very diverse place: the area where Alps are kissing Adriatic, where Pannonian terrain is stretching along Dinaric Mountains. We are rich on water, perfect for a rich birdlife.

Ljubljana, being in the center of Slovenia, is unique. It is the city in the forest. If you walk just 10 minutes from the city, center and you will admire numerous birds. Climb to the castle hill, walk along the river of Ljubljanica, take a boat ride to Ljubljana marshes or go for a hike to Tivoli Park. You will not be disappointed. You can encounter 268 bird spices.

Tivoli park is the place, where is the loudest: soon you will be greeted by black bird, great, blue or long tail tit, gold or green finch, a nuthatch, a sterling, a woodpecker,… and, if you come early enough, even a lively voice of a merry robin. Sparrows, crows, river gulls are sometimes too common to be mentioned, however, everything has it role in the circle of life. They are important for the biodiversity and clean life in the city. Often we call them “city cleaners”, because they eat the rest of the food that was left by us.

If you would like to escape from the city crowd, from stressful meetings, just turn to the west, towards so- called Tivoli castle. Soon you will reach our birds paradise called TIČISTAN (home for birds) with many birds nest homes. Mostly they are quite the same- with a little rounded entrance on the top. However, if you look closer, you will notice, there are some with the entrances at the bottom: these are the special ones, placed for bats. Most of them are similar size; however, there are also a bit bigger ones: special ones for owls!

The place is perfect for a meditation, but if you would like to have a company, here we are: we would be very happy to extend our walking city tour with a stroll to TIČISTAN.

European heritage is very diverse. Slovenian nature contributes to its richness. Just a short walk will bring you to a completely new world. If you are a passionate in birdwatching, we could take you further from the city center: to Ljubljana Marshes, to the coast near saltpans or to Pannonian terrain.

Traveling with a private tour guide on a private tour, you profit in many ways: you get the authentic presentation of people living in the country, intriguing local stories and most important: you get to know the hidden treasures known by local tourist guides only.

Private tours are YOUR tours- let us do it the way you deserve it!

Do not hesitate; contact us, we would be very happy to make a perfect city escape for you!

+386 31 331 491

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Medieval towns

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The secret behind the charm

Many times our travelers are surprised how colorful and charming our towns are. Not only the capital Ljubljana, but also the ones that are hidden from the regular tourist eyes, along so called “off the beaten path”. Very often, we call them “mediaeval town” despite the fact, that they were developed in other times as well. Have you ever wondered why the streets are so narrow? Why there are so many signs on houses and at the beginning of the street? Why there is a relief or a picture on the house? Why the street holds that name? Why locals use some funny names?

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Signs along the road

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Highways in Slovenia are very modern, well- kept and most of the travelers enjoy their comfort. They are built on the tracks of old Roman highways dated 2000 years ago. That has a certain charm.

However, if you are more adventurous or if you go with us on some of the custom-made tours you have a chance to discover more authentic way of living in Slovenia. You get a whole new perspective of our local life. The scenic routes take us along some very cute local villages and neatly cultivated fields and meadows. Most probably you have noticed some unusual local architecture called KOZOLEC or even a small religious sign: a cross or a chapel?

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LIPA - the queen of Slovenian trees

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Great part of Slovenia is covered with woods; in fact, this is the third most forested country in Europe. The species of trees are very diverse; however, the queen of all Slovenian Trees and a Slovenian national tree is LIPA – Tilia-Linden Tree - Basswood.

Lipa, usually a huge, lush tree, you can notice with us on one of our private tours around Slovenia. Linden tree is for us the tree of life, the tree of health, the tree of victories, the tree of fertility as well as the tree of justice and mystical life. In the past, there was no newspapers, Radio, TV, internet, social media… People met under the linden trees and shared daily news, had some fun and organized many dances. There are quite some legends and one of the most romantic ones we will share with you when with us on one of our walking tours in the capital. Have you heard for Lipizzaner horses?

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