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Slovenia is a young country that gained its independence from Yugoslavia in 1991. Yet this area had already been settled in very early times. We like to "brag" that our part of the "Old Continent" is the gate between the Mediterranean and Middle Europe.

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Slovenian tourist guides

We are a group of Slovenian tourist guides. Tourism is our way of living: adventures, travels, sightseeing, city trips, one or more days tours. Although many of our guides have numerous experiences from the trips across the World, we have all flown back as the birds do into their home nest. Today, our greatest wish is to show the beauties of our Slovenia and of our other Slovenian cities, like Ljubljana, Maribor, Bled, Postojna, Piran, Koper,... to you, dear curious guest, so that you will come to love our country just as we do.

We are professional guides, well-educated, holding all necessary licences to provide our services and we ensure you that you will enjoy our services at the highest possible level.

Here are some of our suggestions: Ljubljana Food Tour, a culinary guided walk: during sightseeing we are going to taste some very tasty and different Slovenian dishes; Ljubljana By Night, an evening guided walk, during which romantic stories of Ljubljana will be revealed to you and which includes also the boat tour, Slovenian Evening, during which you are going to discover that Slovenian Folk dances are diverse and you will have the opportunity to try to learn some of them as well.

Would you like to discover Ljubljana’s Green Embrace? Why don’t you join us for a half-day tour to Count Blagaj in Polhov Gradec, to our local carst cave Županova jama or discover a mediaeval town Kamnik.

How about a day tour in Slovenia (Piran, Koper, Bled, Bohinj, Maribor) or our neighbouring countries: like Trieste, Zagreb, Opatija?

Our guides are as diverse as your wishes. Hence, review our presentations and choose the guide who suits you best.

Not what you are looking for? Wishing for more, your version of a day sightseeing tour, something different? Speak up! Write to us, give us your comment! We are all ears.

We will do more than just our best so that each and every one of you spends the most beautiful, enjoyable and memorable time in our company! We will strive that you go home full of pleasant memories and of wishing "FOR EVEN MORE OF SLOVENIA" and of even more beloved Slovenian cities like Ljubljana!

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"Discover" the traditional Slovenian hospitality and entertainment!

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"Discover" ours and our closest neighbours National treasures!


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    Slovenia, as mainly continental country, does not have many island. However, those ones that are there, are very attractive. Most Read More
  • Dry Walls - Suhozid +

    DRY WALLS - SUHOZID; a monument to harsh life conditions in the past One third of Slovenia is a lime- stone Read More
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